Beat the Heat with These Summer Car Care Tips

Summer is the ideal time for barbeques, sporting events, trips to the beach and, unfortunately, car problems. Why? With the summer sun comes extreme heat which can take a toll on your car’s most important systems.

Being prepared for rising temperatures can go a long way to protect your car. Check out our top four car care tips for the summer season!

  1. Get Your Battery Tested

    Summer temperatures can wear on your car’s battery, putting extra stress on your car’s starting and charging system. Heat not only weakens the battery, but shortens it lifespan. The best way to check the health of your battery is to get it tested.

    Before heading out on your road trip, bring your vehicle to your local Pep Boys for a free battery test. A charged, functional battery will give you peace of mind.

  2. Stay Cool with Your A/C

    Few things are worse than cranking on the A/C and only getting warm air. There’s a variety of reasons that can cause this issue including a refrigerant leak, worn out compressor or problems with the electrical system.

    No matter the issue, the Pros at Pep Boys can check your system and identify the best solution to get you back into comfort.

  3. Check Your Tire Pressure

    Hotter temperatures can cause your tire’s pressure to rise. To help lessen the chance of uneven tire wear, make sure your tire pressure matches manufacturer recommendations. Pep Boys offers free tire checks to all our customers to help you make sure you can drive confidently.

  4. Keep Your Engine Cool

    You’re not the only one looking to cool down on a hot day – your vehicle needs to, too. Every car has a cooling system that removes heat from the engine and helps to maintain proper temperatures.

    All vehicles have a temperature gauge or indicator light that can alert you to overheating.

    If this happens, pull over to safe area and wait for your engine to cool down and never remove the radiator cap while the car engine is hot. Be sure to take your car to the nearest Pep Boys for a cooling system evaluation to help identify the problem.

Summer is a time for fun, friends, and family, and we want you to be ready for all events this season. That’s why Pep Boys Auto Service & Tires is offering customers a $100 Summer Start Service Pack now through June 30, 2022.

This special offer includes a Pennzoil synthetic oil change, 1-step fuel system treatment, tire rotation, battery test, alignment check, and visual brake inspection.

From beaches to ball games, these summer car care tips will keep you cruising safely!

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