Going Further to Reduce our Environmental Impact

Across the country, businesses, schools, families and individuals are recommitting to reducing waste in an effort to protect our planet in celebration of Earth Day. Pep Boys is proud to continue our dedication to lowering our environmental impact through a variety of reducing, reusing, and recycling efforts.

Each of our 1,000 locations work daily to follow environmental health and safety guidelines.


In 2021, our service centers reduced our overall environmental impact with these statistics:

  • Nearly 3.5 million scrap tires were collected to be refurbished or shredded. These tires can be turned into various products, such as artificial turf, or burned for fuel.
  • Over 3 million gallons of used oil was collected and is recycled to use as fuel or is refined into base oil stock
  • 2,830,800 pounds of used metal oil filters were collected and recycled as scrap metal.
  • 454,255 battery cores were collected to be recycled in new batteries
  • 55,007 gallons of antifreeze was saved and is recycled into new antifreeze.

Our efforts aren’t slowing down. We will continue to Go Further. Faster. to help protect our planet for future generations by investing in eco-friendly services and solutions. By working together, we know that we can all have a better future.

Media Relations