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    The Best Deals for Tires, Oil, Brakes, Auto Service and More

    Our mission is to make quality car care simple, convenient and accessible for everyone.

    5000+ Technicians

    Let Pep Boys certified technicians help you maintain the safety, reliability and longevity of your vehicle

    Who We Are

    To be the ONE our communities count on to keep them moving

    850+ Locations

    With locations in the United States and Puerto Rico and 8000 service bays, Pep Boys makes car care easy and accessible

    Pepboys Vintage Store

    Since 1921 Pep Boys has been serving the community.

    One hundred years ago, Navy buddies with a passion for cars set out to make a living. In the process, they helped invent the automotive aftermarket - driven by the belief that the key to business is always doing right by your customer.
    Manny, Moe and Jack are a big part of the story, but there are thousands of others, who also went further for their customers and communities, to thank for Pep Boys’ success. Let’s take a road trip through the decades and check out the people and cultural changes that forged a brand lasting a century and counting. The year is 1921. The place: Philadelphia. Learn More

    Experts in Auto Service & Tires