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Tire Tread Depth: How to Check and Maintain Safe Tires | Pep Boys

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Everything You Need to Know About an Oil Change | Pep Boys

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Should You Use Synthetic Oil in Your Car? | Pep Boys

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7 Signs You Need Your Vehicle to Be Towed | Pep Boys

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Check Tire Tread Depth with the Penny Test | Pep Boys

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Four Critical Steps to Tire Safety | Pep Boys

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Auto Care Articles

Routine vehicle maintenance can include several different jobs your car, truck, or SUV needs to have done to operate safely and smoothly. While every make and model has its own nuances, every vehicle has basic maintenance needs.

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Tire Care Articles

At Pep Boys, we make sure you have the facts so you can make smart, educated decisions. Learn how to choose the best tires for your lifestyle, how to fix a flat, signs of tire wear, and more helpful information.

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