Pep Boys Computerized Alignment Service Package

Pep Boys offers several wheel-alignment service packages with warranties ranging from three months to the lifetime of your vehicle. Our computerized wheel alignment provides a state-of-the-art digital alignment, so your vehicle is to spec. Schedule an appointment for a free alignment check with one of our alignment specialists today and they’ll help you decide which alignment package is right for you.

  • Professional evaluation of steering and suspension components
  • Alignment specifications by detailed computer analysis that restores alignment to OE standards
As Low as
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Wedge Adjustments/Shim Kits

Sometimes additional parts and attention are necessary to return your vehicle’s steering and suspension back to manufacturer’s specifications. Our technicians can properly determine whether a wedge adjustment or shim kit is needed for your car.

  • Return of steering and suspension geometry to factory standards
  • Improved driver control
  • Use of parts by brands you trust


A wheel alignment should be conducted based on manufacturer’s recommendations. However, depending on your driving style and road conditions, you might need to get an alignment sooner if you’ve noticed uneven tread on your tires, your vehicle pulling to one direction, or an off-centered or vibrating steering wheel. A Pep Boys ASE-certified technician near you will be able to confirm if you need an alignment.

The main benefit of a wheel alignment is safety. Additionally, an aligned vehicle allows for even treadwear across your tires, prolonging their life. Proper alignment can improve fuel efficiency as well. Schedule an appointment with an automotive technician near you if you need car alignment services.

*If your vehicle requires replacing of suspension parts, it is best to have these repairs completed prior to your alignment

**Wedge Adjustments or Shim Kits are available at an additional charge for vehicles that are not factory adjustable