Every Service Includes

Courtesy vehicle inspection
Tire Pressure Check
Service by certified technicians

Flat Tire Repair

Getting a flat tire is an unfortunate reality of driving a car – but one we are here to help you with. Last year alone, Pep Boys repaired nearly 340,000 flat tires. We guarantee the fix for the life of the tire. If you experience a flat tire, schedule an appointment at an automotive service center near you online or call 1-800-PEP BOYS and we will arrange for a tow to our closest store. If your flat is unrepairable due to a deep puncture or damage to the shoulder or sidewall of the tire, our experts will help you select the best replacement to get you back on the road quickly.

  • Complete internal & external inspection of damaged tire\(s\) to determine if repairable
  • Safe, reliable repair from inside tire
  • Rebalancing of wheel
  • Treadwear evaluation of all tires and a tire pressure check and adjust
  • Courtesy Vehicle Inspection


You should schedule a flat tire repair as soon as you notice that your car has a flat or that there is a puncture in your tire. Driving on a flat tire can damage the tire to the point it can not be repaired as well as a safety issue.

While changing a flat tire yourself is relatively easy, it is recommended that you have a professional technician evaluate and repair or replace the tire for you since self-repairs performed on the side of the road present safety hazards. We recommend that you call 1-800-PEP BOYS (make click to call for mobile) for a tow that will take you to our nearest location. Once there, our ASE-certified technicians will evaluate the flat or puncture and either fix or replace the tire.

The easiest way to tell if you have a flat tire is to visually inspect it. Does the tire look deflated? Is there any obvious damage to the tire such as a crack in the sidewall? You should also check your tire pressure regularly to check for slow leaks. Also, look at the tread to see how worn it is and if the two front tires are wearing the same. Be sure to check that the two rear tires are wearing the same as well. Excessive vibration while driving could also mean that your car has a flat tire.

If the tire sustains a puncture greater than ¼ of an inch or sustains damage to its sidewall or shoulder area, it will need to be replaced. A tire bulge, which can be identified by the appearance of an egg shaped bubble on your tire, is not safe to drive on and that tire should be replaced as soon as possible.