Tips to Preparing your Car for Winter Months

While some may be enjoying fun in the sun, many are starting to face the cold, snow and ice.

Want to get your car ready for the winter roads? Pep Boys has you covered with our top ten tips to prepare your car this season.

1. Be sure your car battery is fully charged

Cold weather can lessen the effectiveness of your car's battery. An already old or weak battery can quickly die when temperatures drop. We recommend having the health of your battery tested by a professional.

2. Invest in new tires

Winter tires can help keep you and your family safe. They maintain better traction and control while driving through ice and snow. We also recommend checking your tire pressure more often during the winter.

3. Test out your heater and defroster

Before temperatures drop, make sure your car heater and defroster are functioning properly. Heating your car is essential for winter driving and without a working defroster, clearing ice off your windshield can be difficult and time-consuming.

4. Get an oil change

Did you know that motor oil can thicken in the cold? A multi-viscosity oil is recommended for the winter. Regular oil changes also prevent old oil from damaging your motor.

5. Keep your gas tank full

To prevent your fuel lines from freezing and moisture from developing inside your tank, keep your gas tank as full as possible throughout the winter season to make sure your fuel system is performing properly.

6. Maintain Anti-Freeze/Coolant Levels

Anti-Freeze keeps liquid in your engine from freezing when the temperature drops. We recommend checking your anti-freeze levels this winter and replenishing if needed.

7. Check your Engine Hoses

Make sure your engine hoses are fully functioning for winter. Check for leaks and cracks and replace any hoses that are brittle or spongy.

8. Check your windshield wiper blades and washer solvent

To guarantee that your windshield wipers can properly clear snow this winter, check to make sure no streaks or spots are left behind when you use your wipers and replace them if needed. Winter wiper blades are also a great option if you live in an area where heavy snow is common.

9. Check Your Headlights

With the sun setting earlier and the potential for snow in the forecast, driving with low-functioning headlights can be dangerous. Change the bulbs in your headlights to guarantee as much illumination as possible. Check to make sure your headlight lenses are clear and clean. If you have cloudy lenses, we recommend a headlight restoration service.

10. Stick to a preventative car maintenance schedule

All of the problems mentioned above can be avoided by practicing preventative maintenance. Pep Boys offers a Winter Car Care Package. Along with topping off your car’s fluids, a Pep Boys technician will check for any potential issues that could arise during the winter and help prevent them.

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