Five Signs You Might Need New Brakes

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Did you know August is National Brake Safety Month? Pep Boys is here to help show you the ropes for signs that it might be time to get your brakes checked. Between summer road trips, back to school and colder months ahead, ensuring proper brake function is vital to making sure that you and your family are ready to hit the road. Check out these five signs you might need new brakes.

Brake screeches

Screeches, Squeaks and Squeals:

Why are my brakes squeaking? Usually caused by wear indicators, these sounds usually indicate that your brake pads need a replacement.

Warning Light

Warning Light:

Your dashboard warning light is exactly that—a warning. Although there are a variety of warning light on most vehicles, the brake system warning light signals an issue indicating a variety of potential concerns such as low brake fluid, issues with your anti-lock brake system or parking brake issue.

Grinding Sound

Grinding Sound:

Brake grinding noises may be an indication that there is something seriously wrong with your brake system. Varying from a simple obstruction to potential rotor issues, grinding noise is a definite sign to get the car off the road and to a mechanic to avoid any unsafe driving conditions.

Soft Pedal

Soft Pedal:

Spongy brakes are often used to describe stepping on your brake pedal only to find it feeling soft or ‘spongy.’ This could indicate that you may have an issue with air in your brake lines, low brake fluid or cylinder wear.

Brake screeches

Veering When Braking:

You may experience veering if you have uneven tire pressure, worn brake pads or warped rotors. If the car pulls to the right or left when braking, it’s another sign of dangerous situation that may require an appointment for auto repair.

Making sure your Brakes are Ready to Hit the Road

Do any of these issues sound familiar? Schedule an appointment for brake pads, calipers, rotors, and brake fluid to meet all your vehicle’s needs with its modern anti-lock braking system.